24-hour Hotline

Trained counselor/advocates support individuals who have experienced violence and direct them to services

Emergency Shelter

Short-term housing for those fleeing abuse/violence, with the goals of providing safety and working toward self-sufficiency

Crisis Counseling

Short-term empowerment counseling, information about and referrals to other services, advocacy, and safety planning

Protection Orders

Assistance in obtaining civil orders of protection for victims of abuse, sexual violence, or intimidation, including emergency orders

Legal Advocacy

Emotional support and victim advocacy for those navigating the complexities of the legal system

Medical Advocacy

On-site support for victims of sexual assault as they undergo the process of a forensic medical examination and interview

Ongoing Advocacy

Empowerment counseling, safety planning, information about and referrals to other services, and help navigating those services

Transitional Housing

A survivor-centered residential program lasting up to one year where residents establish goals that they believe will move them to the next step in their lives.

Support Groups

Peer support groups that provide information and give participants a safe and confidential outlet to discuss past abuse and issues related to healing.

Economic Empowerment

To help survivors overcome the financial barriers to safety & develop the skills necessary for economic independence

Civil Legal Representation

Free legal assistance, advice, representation, and referrals to victims, particularly in areas of divorce, custody, child/spousal support, Title IX, sexual assault, protection orders, and immigration matters

Supervised Visitation & Custody Exchanges

A safe and supportive environment for parent and child victims of family violence to conduct monitored custody exchanges and supervised visitation

Community Education

Interactive educational programs on topics of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, etc. for community groups

School-Based Programs

Evidence-supported violence prevention curricula, designed to be developmentally appropriate for students from Pre-K through college

Professional Training

Programs including certified PA Mandated Reporter Training and training on preventing and addressing domestic violence and sexual harassment in the workplace

Youth Engagement

Helping young people intentionally challenge the roots of violence through programs such as our annual summer camp, Camp Peaceworks.

Awareness Campaigns

Awareness-raising events and media campaigns during important dates such as Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Awareness Months

Outreach Initiatives

Public events, public media outreach, and social media initiatives to promote cultural change toward a safer society