About Centre Safe

Vision Statement

The vision of this organization is safety, equality and respect for all individuals and a community free of relationship and sexual violence.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Centre Safe to empower survivors of sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking and to work toward the elimination of such violence.

Core Values

Commit to empowering survivors through trauma-informed and client-centered services that are intentionally equitable, inclusive, diverse, confidential and professional, and responsive to identified client and community needs.

Eliminate violence by challenging the structural inequalities and oppressions that perpetuate gender-based violence, recognizing intersectionality in the ways violence is experienced by survivors and the wider community.

Enhance and value resources through ethical stewardship, including the knowledge, expertise, lived experience, and courage of spirit of staff, volunteers, and board directors, as well as Centre Safe’s financial resources, facilities, and community relationships.

History & Philosophy

Centre Safe, formerly the Centre County Women’s Resource Center, began in 1975 as a grass roots effort by a small group of women. Since then we have grown from a one-room operation in State College to three locations: the administrative offices and Sylvia Stein Shelter in State College, the counseling and legal advocacy satellite office in Bellefonte, and the Child Access Center building in Bellefonte. For many years, we have focused our resources and energy on ending stalking, domestic and sexual violence in Centre County, and providing the specialized services needed by those who have been victimized by such violence. While Centre Safe began as an agency by women, for women, the change in our name reflects the work we have been doing with and for all survivors, and sends an intentional message that we are here for victims and survivors of all identities.

Throughout its tenure and through the multitude of services and programs offered, Centre Safe has grown dramatically and has reached out to thousands of individuals throughout Centre County.