Centre Safe Shines a Light on Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Centre Safe is shining a light on domestic violence to let victims know they are not alone, and that they live in a community that is working to break the isolation of abuse especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Typically, during the month of October, we hold events to raise awareness around domestic violence but because of the pandemic we want to raise awareness without large gatherings. Instead, we are partnering with the boroughs in Centre County to string purple lights in trees and parks and distributing signs to area businesses downtown explaining the campaign and resources that are available for victims of domestic violence.

Reports show that during the COVID-19 pandemic there is a potential for domestic violence to be worse simply because victims are spending more time with their abuser and find themselves isolated in violent homes, without access to resources or friend and family networks and in general, as people are experiencing more stress and experiencing more conflict at home, there is more of a chance that a conflict can become aggressive or lethal.

The simple act of shining a purple light will help raise awareness about domestic violence, provide information for victims about resources, potentially save lives and most importantly let victims know that they live in a community that is working to break the isolation of abuse.