Chat and Text

Chat and Text

In addition to our 24-hour hotline, Centre Safe provides confidential chat and text options.  Our chat and text service is:

  • Confidential, professional, and secure
  • Staffed by Centre Safe advocates
  • Available Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm EST (except during holidays)

Before you connect, make sure that you are in a safe place and you are using a secure computer. We encourage people to contact 9-1-1 if they need a more immediate response and assistance with a violent or harmful situation.

CHAT – Begin Web Chat
TEXT us at 814-328-8950
CALL us at 877-234-5050

Our web chat is end-to-end encrypted. Only you and the advocate with whom you are chatting can read the contents of the messages. When you are finished with your web chat, it is a good idea to clear your computer’s history and erase your computer’s cookies. This will prevent someone from viewing your internet activity.

Terms of Service 

  • Confidentiality and mandated reporting – All communications and services will be held confidential unless you disclose child abuse/neglect. Centre Safe advocates are mandated reporters by law and must report this information.
  • Disclosure regarding images/screenshots – For confidentiality and safety purposes do not send images, pictures, screen shots, or any other attachment; Centre Safe advocates will not open or view them. We also recommend that you do not take screenshots of this chat.
  • Centre Safe does not record or store chat and text conversations. Chat conversations will be deleted from the chat platform when the conversation is terminated.
  • Text conversations are stored on your phone and should be deleted by you at the end of your conversation. The Centre Safe text platform does not record or store text conversations.