Camp Peaceworks

Camp Peaceworks 2021

We are planning to hold Camp Peaceworks again this summer! We are in the early stages of planning. If you would like to share your name and contact information, we can put you on an interest list and be sure to contact you when we have more information!

Please email with questions or to have your name on our contact sheet!

What is it?

Camp Peaceworks is a week-long social justice summer camp that educates young people ages 13-17 around the roots of oppression and violence, encourages them to encounter bias and work toward social justice, and empowers allyship and change in our communities. In addition to the week of camp in the summer, we have monthly meetings throughout the year, to check-in, continue learning, and work on action events together.

What is social justice?

Social justice is a way of seeing and acting aimed at resisting unfairness and inequity while enhancing freedom and possibility for all. It has to do with improving how we treat others based on identities and groups, such as age, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and economic class.

Our Mission

Camp Peaceworks empowers both youth and adult allies to work together to recognize social injustice and take action to promote equity and peace.

Our Purpose

Campers and adult allies may come from all walks of life, but will mindfully work together toward the same goal — a more peaceful society where all are valued and free, whether in their schools, communities, or elsewhere.

What do you do at camp?

During camp, we create a safe space where we explore privilege, oppression, and the root causes of violence in our society. We also learn and practice how to face injustice together by becoming aspiring allies who take action to support others! Plus, we have a lot of fun with all sorts of recreational and creative activities!

Who’s it for?

  1. Youth ages 13 to 17 interested in justice, who may want to attend camp (it’s FREE)
  2. Adult Volunteers to train and serve as adult allies and facilitators during camp